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Our Designs Have No Limit

It all starts with an idea-yours. We discuss your vision. We gain an understanding of your needs and objectives through an open exchange of ideas that is translated onto paper by our team of experienced landscape designers. Our designs can include patios, walkways, driveways, custom stonework, fireplaces, fit pits, arbors, trellises, water feature – there’s no limit to what we can create for your property. Our team’s diverse talents, background, and experiences allow us to create different styles and build a design that seamlessly connects your home to the outdoors.
It’s your life, enjoy it! We’ll help design it.

Our Process Follows Four Steps

Consultation Phase

  • Assessment of client’s needs, including preferences and budgets
  • Analysis of the site including measurements and inventory of existing elements and plant material
  • Creation of a realistic timeline for design, estimate and follow-up appointment

Follow-Up Appointment Phase

  • Presentation of the first full-color design and estimate
  • Review of the initial design to ensure consistency between the site and the actual plans as drawn
  • Discussion of any necessary or preferential changes to the design or estimate

Final Design and Estimate Presentation Phase

  • Presentation of the revised design and estimate
  • Signing of contracts
  • Development of a start date and construction plan

Full-Scale Construction and Implementation Phase

  • Pre-construction site visit with salesperson, crew leader and client
  • Daily site and project supervision conducted by the crew leader
  • Progress meeting at least once per job (and oftentimes more), with the client’s salesperson and crew leader to ensure the client’s satisfaction
  • Final walk-through and punch list approved when the client is completely satisfied
  • Construction team transfers the project to client or maintenance team

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